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Face Mask Review-a-palooza

Holidays are a highly-photographed time of year. And because of this we’d all like to have the best skin possible to be memorialized in our mom’s photo albums (and instagram of course). So, I’m talking about a few of my fave drug store face masks that could take your instagrams and family photos to the next level!

First up, is the Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask for acne. I chose this one because I’ve been struggling with some breakouts recently. This one applied fairly well and I felt it start to tingle right away. Over the ten minutes the areas where I applied the mask thinner hardened slightly. I will say that it was a little difficult to wash off my face because it was so thick but once I did my skin felt dewy and fresh!

Here’s so smaller pores because that’s what society says we need to be pretty!!

Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips have a controversial rap. Do they pull out black head? Do they just pull off dead skin and hair? I may never know the real truth but what I do know is that my nose is my biggest problem area and I like how it makes it and me feel. And that, to me, is half the battle when it comes to confidence.

These are my current favorite under eye masks. I think they noticeably decreased the darkness under my eyes that really bothers me. I definitely try to put them as close to my eye as possible because that’s where the darkness begins. This makes it difficult to move my eyes too much but it doesn’t really irritate them which I like.

Next up was a first for me! This was my first peel off mask and I definitely didn’t do it right lol. If you use this one, (which smelled amazing and I actually really liked) LEAVE IT ALONE for at least 25-35 mins. I only left mine sit for 15 ish mins and it was not enough! You have to let it dry completely to have the “peel off” effect. All of that aside, I really liked this one and felt like it definitely had a brightening effect on my skin!

Workout Wear Update

I’ve been working on looking cuter at the gym than just my normal “old t-shirt and shorts” look. In doing this, I’ve bought a couple of cute workout shirts and have increased the number of Nike shorts (Norts) in my wardrobe.

I’ve been a fan of Norts since college. They were the cool thing to wear to class and look like you just rolled out of bed looking that cute (although most of us looked like we were high class hobos haha). They are still my favorite workout shorts to this day.

They’re not super cheap but Dicks is currently having a Back-to-School sale where they are 25% off! ($22.50)

This sale also has other assorted Nike & Under Armor apparel and shoes. Here are a couple that I like!

This super cute sports bra! ($22)

I think I need this in black because this deal is awesome! ($17)

Another super cute tank top that would be great for hiking and other low-impact workouts! ($30)

I bought these shorts like 10 years ago and they are still some of my fave lounge/sleep shorts. ($21) Always hoping that one day I’ll have the courage/self love to workout in these in public!

Another tank top…are you guys seeing a trend? đŸ˜‚ ($19)

These are another super cute workout shirt option ($26)

Happy cute workouts lovelies!!


Hey lovelies,

I know that I have been MIA for a little while and I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about why. I have had super low motivation about doing almost anything productive, a general exhaustion, and what feels like laziness. I feel silly even writing this because it feels like complaining because I don’t feel “sick enough” to get more help than I’m currently getting and it feel like just “being a lazy person”.

As you can see even from my last couple of sentences, I’ve been having trouble treating myself with compassion and kindness which makes every feeling that I am having even worse. One of my favorite things to think about when it comes to negative thoughts about myself is: “would you say that to/about your best friend?”. If we truly love our best friend we would never say the things we say about ourselves about them and this is the way that we need to talk to ourselves.

So, today I went to one of my doctors about another issue and I discussed this with him. We talked about how taking care of ourselves physically can significantly impact how we feel mentally (and that I probably need to be taking a multivitamin with iron in it). So, I made a deal with myself that I would go to the gym three times this week, go to bed on time tonight, take my multivitamin, and do one productive thing around my apartment. I’m hoping that this will make me feel better physically and post more for you guys!

Thank you guys so much for sticking by me!